Pikachu Bluetooth 5.0 Headset

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Cute Pikachu Bluetooth 5.0 Headset 7 Colors LED Headphones support SD Card Audio Cable Headphone for Boy Girl Gift Children



Safe volume limit is 85dB: The teenager's earphones have a built-in volume limiter function, which can protect children's hearing.
Cute and stylish: inspired by the design of Pikachu, this headset is equipped with a yellow lightning bolt on top of the headband. The bright colors on the ear cups are full of liveliness.
Comfortable and lightweight: These headphones are suitable for teenagers, wear soft earmuffs, and can effectively reduce noise interference and enjoy high-quality stereo.
Healthy food-grade materials: Ear muffs and headband fillers are made of food-grade materials, are harmless to children's skin, and can withstand beating.


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