All in One Air Diesel Heater

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Product description:
- The new air heater is the second generation of upgraded products, the aircraft to maintain the original economic and fuel-efficient warming on the basis of the characteristics of an increase of remote control features to make the control operation more simple and convenient. The fixed bracket, the balance of the fan fan impeller rotation more stable, reducing noise.

Power: 1-8KW adjustable
Voltage: 12V
Color: Red+Black
Size: 42*41*15.5cm
Fuel consumption: 0.1 liters per hour oil
Remote control effective distance: 100 meters
Package Include:
1 x Air Heater Host
1 x LCD key Switch
1 x Remote control
2 x Intake pipe
1 x Exhaust pipe
6 x Oil pipe joint
1 x Air filter
1 x Instructions

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